Welcome to the Fridge


” A space where Topics of Today meets Discussions of Tomorrow.”

Before I delve into our reasons for existence and all the other items on the introduction post checklist , allow us to first briefly introduce ourselves. We are Matthew and Natalie , co-writers on all that you can subsequently find published here. We are both passionately involved in thinking on how Singapore’s narrative should develop in the next couple decades. You will often find us in a tense debate on various economic models and government policies over a cup of hot matcha in a quaint cafe.

N: Heh isn’t the debate score Matt-2 Nat-4 currently? You need to try harder.

M: I doubt you can handle me at my best, good luck, Nat

N: We are really competitive but this helps in ensuring the quality of the articles we churn out as it goes through both parties before publishing.

We came up with this blog not simply to jump on the bandwagon of all the blogs that have popped up in the last decade, but to add value to the online community. With this goals in mind, we aspired to utilize blogging as the platforms through which we can illuminate the minds of millennials as well as provide youthful insights to today’s issues.

The content you will get to enjoy range from current affairs to slice of life stories and anything we find particularly interesting worth sharing. We are open to the idea of evolving and adapting the content offered as our interests encroach on new territories.

We have plenty of articles in the horizon so stay tuned as we embark on this journey together. ❄

Matt and Nat ,
PBTC Editors/ Columnists


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