Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About Us

Where does the name Polar Bear Thought Collective (PBTC) come from?

The PBTC Team is very concerned about the well-being of polar bears, which are a ‘vulnerable’ species as termed by WWF1. Due to climate change which causes ice caps to melt at an increasing rate and sea levels to rise, polar bears are losing their sea ice habitat. The Team hopes to spread some awareness about the plight of polar bears with the PBTC name.



Where does PBTC get its sources?

PBTC tries to get sources from reputable studies, papers, journals, and reports published by official agencies and news outlets where possible in order to maintain credibility and accuracy of its content. Sources are quoted and credited in the articles. Otherwise, the content is simply the personal opinions of the writers.

Is PBTC representative of any media or mouthpiece in Singapore?

No, PBTC represents only the opinions of its 2 writers/columnists and is no way intended to represent any group or community in Singapore nor its affiliates. Please read the disclaimer for more information.

I have some suggestions for PBTC. Where can I send them?

PBTC is always open to hearing from its readers and seeks to improve the quality of content and user experience. If there are any suggestions/feedback on how PBTC can do so or what content readers would like to see next, please email PBTC at and the Team will respond within 2 working days.